Starting With Simply Music

I’ll never forget the first time I saw Simply Music in action. A friend’s sister and Simply Music Teacher invited me to a free information session. There, she played some of the songs one learns with Simply Music, and then she proceeded to demonstrate how she teaches one song. Having experienced many years of (quite arduous) traditional piano lessons as a child and teen, I was blown away! Playing piano really was far easier than having to read the notes before playing. Wow! She drew an image on her whiteboard, and in minutes, we were playing the right hand of a well-known song!OTJ

After that information session, I was hooked – I wanted, no, I needed to teach Simply Music piano. I needed people to see that they can play piano. I needed to be able to improvise on the piano and play anytime anywhere.

So, I did. I’ve been teaching Simply Music for almost 5 years, and I love how connected I now am to the piano – something I never thought possible. I love how easy it is to get my students playing.

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