About Karen

Teaches breakthrough piano lessons in North York

Karen Derrah

I teach Simply Music piano and keyboard lessons.

Learning with Simply Music has both broadened and deepened my natural musical ability. It is this passion for music and belief in the Simply Music program that I love sharing with my students.

Music has played a large part in my life for as long as I can remember. I enjoyed having a piano in my home from an early age and I started formal traditional lessons at the age of 9 years. I completed my grade 8 examination with the Royal Conservatory of Music after 8 years of lessons. Unfortunately, my final years of piano lessons were focused on so few songs that when I stopped lessons, it was difficult to recall how to play anything but my most recent pieces and even these left my hands over the years.

Indeed, before I found Simply Music, I had become one of the many people with an unused piano in their house. I would occasionally approach the piano and try to work out a favourite classical piece, but this quickly lost my interest.

With Simply Music, I not only found the drive to play again, but I also learned new and highly useful musical strategies that were never even touched on during my 8+ years of traditional lessons.

I want to share this incredible foundation in music with you. Contact me to find out more about Simply Music piano lessons.

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