Simply Music Testimonials
Joan's Sound of Music Piano Studio
Miss Joan makes learning piano fun and easy but still makes it so that it is very simple. She always knows how to cheer me up when I'm having a bad day. Miss Joan is a very thoughtful teacher and generous with her time and patience. Piano has given me the skill to read music and compose songs and that is all because of Miss Joan and her amazing skills and love of teaching.

Noah Lusis (11 years) 
My 7 year old son has been taking lessons through Simply Music for only 6 months and it has been so amazing to watch him learn new songs so quickly and to hear music in our house every day. Joan's love of piano is contagious and the Simply Music method has been such a rewarding way for my son to learn. He is excited to play the blues as well as many familiar classical pieces in his playlist and he looks forward to his lesson each week. When he is not playing the piano we can often hear him and his younger brother singing or humming these tunes during the day. It has been a very refreshing and fun way for my son to learn piano and we are looking forward to continuing this journey through Simply Music.

Sarah Haines
Joan has given my kids the gift of music, but *also* with it, came many more gifts we hadn’t anticipated. Their confidence improved, but also their concentration and focus. Even the gift of *practice* has given them an understanding of self-improvement, skill-building and responsibility.  Joan has an incredible amount of patience and easily navigates between both kids (with a 5 year age gap) and brings out the best in both of them. Her warmth and encouragement every week, fill them with motivation and creativity. I love hearing my kids play but I *especially love* that they can’t pass by a piano, without playing a song.
Ellyn Lusis
My 15 year old son has a developmental delay and struggles with fine motor work and reading. His love of music took us to traditional formats of lessons that ended up being too much of a struggle to even practice. The way Simply Music is presented has allowed him to not only play many fun songs on the piano but to gain so much confidence in his everyday life. He is very proud that he can say he plays the piano.

Carrie Ann Ireland

My children have been students of Joan for three years now and we couldn’t be happier! I took traditional piano lessons for years as a child and could not play even a tenth of what my children can play now in half the time! The Simply Music program is simply the best way to learn to play the piano. Joan is so very encouraging, warm and supportive. My children just love her!

Cecily Heslett